Youth Speaks

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in News | No Comments community school was the proud host of the first round in the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition, a well-established and successful competition organised and promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. The competition runs every year and gives students the chance to express their views on a significant topic that they wish to address. The competition is organised by local rotary clubs all around the country and culminates in a national final, giving students the platform and opportunity to develop their communication skills.

This year, the Intermediate Team from year 8 presented a powerful speech on the topic of Homework, posing the question: is it really necessary? Mollie Willis introduced the community school team and the topic of their speech, as chairperson for the team, in the most professional manner. Matt Thomas then eloquently delivered the main speech – arguing the case for schools to reconsider an outdated educational practice. Jasmine Leslie then gave an outstanding Vote of Thanks, summing up the team’s views, thanking their peers, Ellie Wanless and Jemima Budd, for their contributions, and rounding off a successful evening.

We wish the team the best of luck in the second round at Tavistock College on 9th February.

Stop Press: The team were victorious at Tavistock College and now progress to the third round of the competition.