You Only Leave Once!

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You need to remember that, because of the RPA (Raising of the Participation Age), you have to remain in education or training until you are 18.  This does not mean you have to stay on at school after Year 11.  You can:

  • Stay in full time education at any 6th form or college;
  • Do full-time work-based learning such as an Apprenticeship;
  • Do part-time training alongside working (including self-employment) or volunteering for over 20 hours a week.

In school, in your PD lessons, you will put together a career portfolio that will prepare you for the next step in your career.  This will include visitors from local colleges who will be able to give you lots of advice.  You will all have the chance to meet with a careers adviser from Careers South West to talk through your options but you must ask for an appointment; it will not be organised automatically for everyone.

In addition, your parents can subscribe to a monthly e-newsletter from careers South West by completing the form at:

You need to begin your research NOW


Cornwall College Saltash

Information Events:

  • Thurs 24th Oct                  5-7.30pm
  • Sat 30th Nov                     10-12noon
  • Thurs 6th Feb                    5-7.30pm
  • Sat 22nd March                10-12noon

Duchy College 

Information Events:

  • Sat 23rd Nov               10-12noon
  • Sat 25th Jan                10-12noon
  • Sat 15th March           10-12noon

Also lots of taster days – look on the website or in the prospectus.

City College Plymouth  

Open Days:

  • Sat 5th Oct                  10am – 3pm
  • Sat 8th Feb                 10am – 3pm

Taster Weeks:

  • Mon 28th Oct – Fri 1st Nov (half term)
  • Mon 17th Feb – Fri 21st Feb (half term)

Have a go at courses, meet staff & students and gain hands-on experience, from bricklaying to hairdressing.  For more information, call 01752-305300 or

Plymouth  College of Art

Open Days:

  • Sat 5th Oct          1-5pm
  • Sat 9th Nov         1-5pm
  • Sat 7th Dec         1-5pm
  • Sat 11th Jan       1-5pm
  • Sat 8th March    1-5pm
  • Sat 5th April       1-5pm



There are lots of Apprenticeships that are available these days.  If you are interested, please see your PD teacher, who will be able to give you a leaflet.  In the meantime, you need to work hard to find an employer that will take you on, eg a garage if you want an Apprenticeship in mechanics.  You will also need to register with a training provider, which may be Cornwall College or City College – see their prospectuses.  You should also register on the National Apprenticeships website at:


Other useful contacts:

This website contains a wealth of information on: local & national courses, Apprenticeships, CVs, covering letters, funding advice, interviews, individual guidance (via email or webchat), etc.       Careers South West – lots of information on all aspects of education & training.


Dates for your planner:

6th Form Open Evening – Thursday 7th November
Year 11 Parents’ Surgery – Tuesday 3rd December
Deadline for application to 6th form – Friday 13th December
Post-16 Pathways Evening – Thursday 30th January