Year 8s immerse themselves in experience they won’t forget

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Exam season can be a testing time for anyone, especially when you are a teenager. It’s always important, however, to realise these exams and the results are only a part of who you as a person, and they don’t need to be as daunting as they appear.

For this reason, the Year 8 Pastoral team, along with the Maths department, gave the year group an ‘experience’ on the last day before half term, to show them exactly what it may feel like in three years’ time.

The Mock was designed to give the students the most realistic experience possible, and at the same time, show them there was nothing to be intimidated about by sitting in a hall with the other members of their Year Group.

The ‘exam’ was scheduled to take place at 1.55pm.  However, diligent students began to arrive over 30 minutes before this, and, by 1.45pm, the whole year group had assembled themselves early.

“It was lovely to see them taking it all so seriously,” commented Head of Year, Scott Wieprecht. “They had all been given seat numbers in advance, and, as always happens, a number had lost these, so it helped to show them the importance of keeping the entry slip safe.”

As the students entered the hall they were greeted by rows of tables filled with test paper, and a bottle of water. “We wanted to get them focussed, but also relax them,” explained Mrs Snowdon, assistant Head of Year. “The bottles of water were just a small way of showing them they had our support – even if carrying 230 bottles of water around was tiring!”

The students were incredibly well behaved and completed the entire experience in test conditions, before the final bell went, marking the start of their half term.

“It was a very proud moment for me,” finished Mr Wieprecht. “The whole point was to show them this didn’t need to be as daunting a process as it can sometimes feel.  From the comments the students made, many of whom actually enjoyed the experience, I know we achieved this. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the experience from the Maths department, to the admin team and finally our pastoral team. Our young people acted incredibly maturely and were well behaved – I only wish they would sit that quietly during my assemblies!”