Year 8 students tackle social issues in ‘Community Day’

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Handprints from Year 8's Community Day

Reflecting on their own behaviour, tackling racism and homophobia, building their own understanding of tolerance and equality – these were all things covered at year 8’s recent ‘Community Day’ at school.

“At community school, we’ve always believed in providing the children with a holistic education,’ said Deputy Headteacher, Jeremy Skelton. “The ‘Community Day’ was our creative approach to try to help students understand some complex and current issues in a fun and non-threatening way but with a meaningful approach. This school is all about improving the life chances of children and learning how to really get on with others will contribute to this.”

All of the sessions, led by both school staff and external contributors, were interactive with students trying a range of activities from using the ‘fogging’ technique to combat verbal bullying to taking part in a session around respect and identity with well-known band LED. LED’s session culminated in a concert style performance complete with high tech sound and lights.

To finish the day, students were asked to place their own personal goal on a handprint which is to form part of a whole-school installation to grace the main reception area of the school. Visitors to the school will soon be greeted by a physical representation of the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all 1400+ students and staff.

Head of Year 8, Emma Metters was really pleased with the way the children responded to the material presented on the day. “Our Year 8 students were thoughtful and mature in dealing with these complex issues,” she said. “We feel privileged, excited and proud to be the first group to have contributed to the school’s hand print tree.”