Year 7 students go behind the scenes at the BBC

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Following their involvement in this year’s BBC School Report, a class of Year 7s at have had the fantastic experience of seeing how the professionals do it, by visiting the BBC’s studios in Plymouth.

As the students enjoyed taking part in the BBC School Report so much, Ms Baxter contacted the BBC to see if they could go behind the scenes to see how BBC journalists work – and they were more than happy to oblige!

Arriving at 1.30pm, the students were greeted by Assistant Editor to BBC Radio Devon, Emma Clements, before being seated in the editorial meeting room. Here they watched Spotlight broadcast live on TV, as it was being recorded just down the corridor from them.

When Spotlight finished, the students moved into the TV broadcast studio where presenter Justin Leigh, weather presenter, Holly Green and all the Spotlight crew were on hand to talk to them and answer questions about their jobs.

Of particular interest was the green screen, which is used to record the weather, and the students were given a crash course on how to use it by weather presenter Holly.

The students were then split into groups and given a full tour of the BBC newsrooms and radio studios, where they were given an introduction to the skills and tools used in radio broadcasting, and even given the opportunity to record something themselves.

Ms Baxter considered the trip to be a brilliant opportunity for the class.

“I am so pleased the students were able to visit the BBC, as they really loved taking part in the School Report in March. The visit was truly inspirational, and I think it may encourage a number of students’ passion for media and the news in the future,” she said.

Thanks to everyone at the BBC for inviting and for being so welcoming. students outside the BBC studios in PlymouthBBC Spotlight presenter Justin Leigh talks to studentsA student in the BBC Radio Devon studio