Year 7 students improve analytical reading with Skern Lodge residential

Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in News | No Comments students take part in the assault course

Fifteen lucky Year 7 students were chosen to take part in an adventurous residential trip aimed at improving their analytical English reading skills.  On Monday 15 January the group, along with Miss Halliday and Mr Hodson, travelled up to Bideford to spend three days at the wonderful Skern Lodge.

On the first day the pupils split into two groups and were faced with the challenge of a group assault course.  They needed to focus and communicate with each other in order to complete the course.

Our brilliant instructors, Alex and Russel, helped support us all the way round and both groups managed to complete every element of the course.  Students then took part in archery, which helped them when thinking about the analysis of ‘The Hunger Games’, which we had completed before leaving school.

The second day started with a rafting trip that led into Bideford and involved a rather chilly play in the water!  The first lesson at Skern Lodge saw the pupils use the experience of rafting to help analyse the message of the poem ‘A River’s Story’.

Students faced the biggest challenge of the trip in the afternoon: tunnels. This involved crawling through extremely tight spaces in the pitch dark, with many confronting fears of darkness and claustrophobia, but bravely still giving it a go.  With support from each other, all managed to successfully complete the task.  The emotions of this experience really helped in the lesson, when looking at the tone created by J.K. Rowling in describing ‘The Chamber of Secrets.’

The final day saw students take part in a coastal traverse round Westward Ho, facing some extreme weather and tricky scrambles across the rock.  This experience helped with analysis of Joe Simpson’s ‘Touching the Void’ back in the classroom and all managed to show incredible progress in their analysis.

This trip was a really fun experience that primarily helped build the confidence of all involved.  They were a real asset to our school and made Miss Halliday and Mr Hodson very proud.  The students will now be able to apply these skills to their lifelong learning journey. enjoy a creative writing session