Year 7 Dartmoor Trip

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On the 7th and 14th June the science department and year 7 tutors took the year 7 students up for their annual science field trip to Dartmoor. The weather was kind, particularly on the first day which saw glorious sunshine up on the moor. The students were involved in making short films about the different environments found on Dartmoor, from the woodland, up through a bog, to the top of a Tor. Different plants and animals were identified, and there were some good cross curricular links identified, as we discussed how the Tors were formed, the types of rock, and some history of the area with ‘Drake’s Leat’ and an old settlement. The students were excellent, even poor old Oscar when Mr Roberts, his tutor, stole his wheelchair – all in good fun, of course! For some of our students this was their first time up on Dartmoor. We know they enjoyed it and we hope it will have encouraged them to get out of the house a bit more and make the most of this wonderful environment we are all so fortunate to live in.

Mr Henderson,
Head of Science