Year 11 students celebrate January Maths results!

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Year 11 students at had an excellent start to the new year when they returned to school for the Spring Term.  Having been awaiting the results of their Maths GCSE examination which they had taken in November, many students were delighted to find out that they had already secured an A*-C grade eight months early!

Out of a large year group of 236 students, 62% have now achieved at least a C or better and the remaining 38% of students will have other chances later on in the year to strive for a top Maths Grade. was particularly pleased to have received this set of results as last year’s Year 11 cohort had been adversely affected by the GCSE ‘fiasco’ and the last minute raising of grade boundaries.  The school is still involved in an ongoing appeal against the AQA exam board, contesting the 2012 Maths Modular results.  It was faced with a very difficult set of circumstances at the start of the Autumn Term but the decision to switch exam board and move to a Linear exam was clearly the right one.

On receiving the excellent news about the latest results, headteacher Isobel Bryce said, “We are so proud of our Year 11 students who responded brilliantly to all the help and support given to them by our Maths department.  The 62% achieved places them 18 percentage points higher than similar schools nationally at this stage of the year.  It shows that last summer’s AQA results were completely anomalous and we will continue to do all that we can to fight for justice for the young people involved.”