Year 11 Aspirations Day motivates students at

Posted by on Nov 7, 2018 in News | No Comments community school was all a-buzz recently as students enjoyed the school’s first ever post-16 Aspirations Day. The day was designed to provide Year 11 students with the support and guidance needed to make decisions about their post-16 careers.

Students were off timetable, taking part in a variety of different sessions aiming to provide them with information on all the opportunities they will receive, as well to outline the importance of working hard in preparation for their GCSEs.

Students began the day with a motivational session with Mr Feldwick outlining to them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and that they need to embrace opportunities offered to them. In addition, motivational talks were delivered by core subject leaders, who focused on the value of grit and a growth mind-set to achieve success in the future, and explored potential career paths within those core subject areas.

Once brimming with motivation, students were then filtered into ‘pathways’, where they attended several sessions focused on the career path they are aspiring towards. The pathways covered everything from social sciences to work-based study to business and healthcare; there was something for everyone. The sessions were jointly delivered by staff and guest speakers and enabled students to experience what study in these areas would be like.

Proceedings ended with a careers fair, where external employers and subject leaders at school spoke to a wide range of students, with the element of choice meaning that students could research to their own specific needs and gather information early in Year 11, to ensure that they can make informed choices.

We were joined by external employers such as the Navy, Wrigley’s, Cornwall College, Software Cornwall and more, and we thank them for attending.