Year 10 Parents’ Surgery – Thursday 07 May 2015

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The Year 10 Parents’ Surgery is on Thursday 07 May 2015 between 4.00pm and 6.30pm and you are warmly invited to join us to discuss your child’s progress. This is an important time in the academic life of your child and the evening provides the perfect opportunity for you to find out exactly what needs to be done as you and the school work together to enable your child to maximise their potential.

Preparing for the Parents’ Surgery

There are a couple of things which you can do before you attend the Parents’ Surgery which will help you to get the most out of the evening:

  1. Look at the Progress Trackers which you received in November and January along with the latest one that you should have received in April ahead of the Parents’ Surgery. Progress Tracker is designed to give you an overview of your child’s performance against their potential as well as the level of effort in each of their subjects. It is issued four times a year in Year 10 to enable you to follow your child’s progress across the year.
  2. Please look through your child’s work and planner – you can do this together over the next few weeks and discuss how they feel they are progressing. Subject teachers will have written specific comments on how your child can improve in exercise books, on their work and/or planners. This will happen at key milestones in their learning rather than on every piece of work. Although it will vary from subject to subject, on average there will be at least one key comment for every 6 lessons.
Making appointments

You will be aware that we have moved to an online booking system for Parents’ Surgeries. This is working very successfully for the Parents’ Surgeries already being held this year.

Go to:
to see which appointments are available and select ones that are convenient for you.

You will need

Your child’s legal first name and surname
Your child’s date of birth

To find out more, please find below the letter sent home with students and an accompanying Powerpoint file giving some great tips on how to use the booking system