Y9 Where my subjects have taken me workshops

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Our year 9 students are currently in the middle of choosing their GCSE options; in order to help them we were really fortunate to have a number of different employers and former students in to share their experiences of their option choices and the journeys they have taken to get them to where they are today.

We wanted the students to see the relevance of their school subjects and the skills that they will gain from them and how they have the chance to influence their futures by these choices. This is a big decision for them and gaining as much information, guidance and support as possible means that they are more likely to make the right choices based on their skills, interests and qualities. We were so grateful of employers and former students giving up their time to join us and as always our students were positive, engaged and conducted themselves impeccably well throughout and hopefully they gained some valuable information to help them with decisions that they make.