Work Experience 2020

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It can safely be said that work experience 2020 was not what we planned for or expected when we launched it with our Year 10 and 12 students back in last September. We decided as a school that we would not blanket cancel work experience for all students when school closed to the majority of students in March and that we would see if we were able to successfully and safely allow any students to do their work experience, this perseverance paid off as we were able to support some students in doing their work experience between the 6th and 10th July. We do remain disappointed that this was not possible for all of our students in Year 10 and 12, but hope that they will have this valuable opportunity in some way soon. It was really lovely to be able to safely visit students at a range of work placements including Adrenaline Quarry and Tamar View Nurseries. Every student that was visited was clearly enjoying having the opportunity and was gaining some skills outside of the classroom as well as representing our school positively in the wider curriculum, it was lovely to receive so much positive feedback about our students.

In addition to facilitating some students to physically complete work experience we were also able to offer some virtual opportunities for students to get an insight into the world of work, we were incredibly proud of the students that took part virtually as many of them completed virtual work experience alongside going into school for scheduled lessons and completing online learning. One of our students was very fortunate to be offered some one to one time with her employer, a Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging at the University of Exeter. We had a group of Geography students who were able to take part in a Met Office virtual work experience across the week. They covered topics such as Weather forecasting and Air pollution, exploring how Volcanic Ash, Radiation, Plant & Animal diseases and even Covid has affected the air quality around us and how it is monitored.

RIO (Real Ideas Organisation) hosted an ‘Exploring the World of Work’ webinar series across three schools in our MAT. This featured employers from 4 different work industries, Digital & Creative, Construction, Healthcare and Food Production. Students asked a variety of questions such as ‘how many hours do you work? what are the highs and lows of your job? and are there any specific GCSE’s I would need to take to get into the industry?’  The panelists were very impressed with the questions and students got a valuable insight into many job roles across the four sectors. As always the students that were involved in all of these opportunities were a credit to our school and as a school we are incredibly proud of them all.