Who wants to be a millionaire?

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Who wants to be a millionaire

Seven Year 7 students at saltash.net community school have achieved the incredible feat of each reading at least one million words since September.  The students, who are all part of the school’s Accelerated Reader programme, not only have to read books for these words to be banked, but have to pass an on-line quiz on each book read.  The programme was introduced by school Library Manager, Liz Madigan, who said, ‘This is an amazing accomplishment, not only for these individual students but for the profile of reading at the school. Since we introduced Accelerated Reader last year, the number of books taken out of the library has increased dramatically – more than twelve thousand books were lent last year’.  Topping the Millionaire’s Club is Carys Scales who has read an eye-popping 3.7 million words in just four months. Other students who received an award for this achievement are: Isaac Frost, Rebecca Horne, Nia Powell, Hannah Baker, Tara Shearman and Emily Ayers.  The programme has now been extended to include all Year 8 students.