Vote Saltash 2019: campaigning underway!

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Campaigning has begun in Saltash Community School’s mock general election. ‘Vote Saltash 2019’ will see students choosing their own election winner from amongst nine student candidates representing multiple different political parties – both the traditional and the new.

The election, which will take place on December 12th along with the UK general election, has been planned to be as much like the ‘real thing’ as possible, and will including hustings, opinion polls and poster campaigns as well less traditional election elements such as  twitter and political muffins.

Voting will also be organised like real life elections with an electoral register, polling clerks, voting booths and ballot boxes, and of course the thrills and tensions of an election count.

The election is being organised by Emma Metters and Adam Killeya, who between them make up the school’s Politics Department. Mr Killeya said “by the next scheduled general election 80% of these students will be able to vote: we feel that it is really important for them to have a chance to experience it now, and learn why it is so important, so that they will engage with politics as adults.”

The full list of candidates is Madeline Bishop (Brexit), Matthew Chapman (Labour), Hayden Cole (Conservative), Christopher Glanville (Wise Vote), Hannah Kennington (Green), Henry Lambert-Gorwyn (Communist), Jordan Mortimore (Ferrum Guard), Lewis Shaw (Monster Raving Loony), and Jade Whorlow (Liberal Democrats).