let them eat cake!

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Students at community school have been able to have their cake AND vote for it this week as their 2015 mock election entered the realm of political muffins.

Students were able to choose muffins at morning break topped by a logo representing one of the eight candidates standing in the election – for Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP, Green, Mebyon Kernow, Monster Raving Loony and Independent.  The muffins were made in the school’s canteen but the toppings and designs were created by the school’s DT department.  Visitors to the school during the run up to the mock election were also able to sample some of the political muffins; Mary Crawford and Martin Lister, from the local Saltash Observer newspaper, were each given one to enjoy with a cup of coffee and were pleasantly surprised to find it was possible to eat the campaign slogan topping as well as the muffin!

In addition to the political muffins, students have also heard hustings speeches in assemblies and radio broadcasts from the candidates during morning tutor time.

The election will take place on Wednesday 6th May and thanks are expressed to Mr Killeya and Mrs Metters, both teachers of Politics at, for their organisation of the event.