University professor offers students guidance on online safety

Posted by on Jun 7, 2018 in News | No Comments

Andy Phippen meets students and staff community school was delighted to welcome Professor Andy Phippen, Professor of Social Responsibility in IT at the University of Plymouth, into school shortly before half term to talk to our students about issues that young people face online.

Professor Phippen has worked on social issues connected to IT for 15 years, advises and lobbies government around the issues and regularly speaks at schools on issues of internet safety and social responsibility in IT. Professor Phippen presented to Years 7 to 10, focusing on a wide range of issues affecting internet safety, including age restrictions on games and abusive behaviour on social media platforms.

The sessions were engaging and informative, and encouraged students (and teachers!) in attendance to get involved and consider online safety issues. Professor Phippen has already suggested working with our students again, to run workshops and work with our 6th Formers. students clearly valued the sessions, with one noting that, “It was nice to know that people cared about keeping us safe online.”

The visit was organised by Mr Jeremy Skelton, Deputy Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead at, who stressed the importance of the guidance Professor Phippen delivered.

“Almost all members of our school community use the internet virtually every day both in and out of school but the penalties for using it irresponsibly, socially, emotionally and even financially can be huge. Andy Phippen has a very down to earth, yet pragmatic approach and we thought it was important that the students got to hear some of the things that can go wrong if we don’t use it responsibly or, as importantly if we are affected by it being misused by others,” Mr Skelton said.

“We’re looking forward to developing our relationship with Professor Phippen further over the next year to assist us in ensuring all of our students are cybersafe and cybersmart,” he added.