Theme Day 1

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The first Theme Day of the 2016-17 academic year took place on Tuesday 11 October, full of action packed events that offered something for every student.

Our Year 7s went on ‘a grand day out’, with half visiting Dartmoor and the others visiting Okehampton or Restormel Castle. Students who visited Burraton Reservoir on Dartmoor explored the landscape, taking part in first-hand field, a jaunt over Leather Tor, and studied in the moorland environment, and all the flora and fauna which live on the moors.

Year 8s experienced a number of different activities, based around the themes of ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ or ‘Try something new!’. Students played Handball on the All Weather Pitch, gave trampolining a go in the Sports Hall and took part in a non-contact martial arts practice organised by Swashbuckling UK. Students also took part in Art, Creative Writing and Music sessions designed to help them explore their creative sides.

Qui a tué Kenny/Who killed Kenny? This was the question that half of Year 9 had to answer, as they enjoyed a day devoted to using their language skills to solve a murder mystery which embroiled the whole Language department team.

The fatal crime followed a delicious continental breakfast in the canteen, causing students to begin the search for the criminal. QR codes around the school provided clues as to the suspects and despite her best efforts, Madame Le Blanc (who bore a striking resemblance to Miss Yvinec) was forced to admit her guilt after being rumbled by students.

The rest of Year 9 took part in an interactive trip to Woodlands, where they solved a number of mathematical challenges around the site, as well as enjoyed the rides and entertainment on offer.

Year 10 took part in a day of open discussion about serious issues that can affect student’s health and wellbeing. Issues raised included sexual health, dealing with stress alcohol abuse and the dangers of sexting.

All students from Year 11 visited Plymouth University, experiencing a day of taster sessions in different subject areas and exploring what the university has to offer.

Year 12 students competed in the annual ‘You’re Hired!’ competition, which last year was won overall by student Kieran Marley. Representatives from KPMG led the day of challenges, and huge congratulations go to the students listed below who progressed to the next round of the competition:

Alex Swabey
Keith Harrison
Lauren Blatter
Jaz Morris
Josh Tennant

Finally, Year 13s engaged in an important debate, with groups of students representing countries in a mock United Nations meeting. Countries had to debate and vote on a proposed resolution concerning Climate Change: ‘We resolve that all countries in the world should cut C02 emissions by 50% by 2050.’

Students researched and developed a position on the matter, before presenting in front of their fellow nations. Nations eventually agreed to amend the resolution, adopting the position that the United States and China should reduce their emissions by 60%, whereas other nations should reduce it by a much lower figure of 1%!

Director of Creativity at, Amy Feldwick, hailed the success of the day.

She said: “Theme Day gave all year groups an opportunity to do something different. Trips to the Okehampton and Restormel Castles, Dartmoor and Woodlands were a great success. Back in school we had some fantastic external practitioners work with our Year 8 and 10 students. Thanks go to staff and students for engaging so brilliantly in such a wide variety of tasks.”