The OffPerts make waves

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in News | No Comments

Just a week after their original visit to Microsoft HQ, where the OffPerts officially made Microsoft history by being the group of students to ever present at a Microsoft launch event, the students have again been getting some attention, from radio station BBC Cornwall. The station was so impressed with the initiative that they even sent their truck up on the hour journey to interview the students about their experience and to find out what they were all about.

“It was such an amazing opportunity for all the students involved,” said OffPert ‘founder’ Scott Wieprecht. “First they present live at Microsoft Headquarters; now they get to speak on the radio, not only about what an amazing day they had, but how much they love the Office 365 product, and why all schools should be using it.”

Quizzed as to how he thought the interview had gone, Mr Wieprecht told us, “Originally I think we were only due to talk for a few minutes.  They didn’t think they would have chance to speak to all of the students involved. In the end we were on the radio for just under ten minutes, so hopefully that means we did something right.”

The interview, even more impressively, was broadcast live rather than pre-recorded. “We said after the Microsoft event that we wanted to get lots more opportunities to talk live about our love for Office 365. We didn’t realise it would happen so quickly,” said one of the OffPerts, George Lambert-Gorwyn. “We said straight after our first talk that we would be really practising our public speaking skills and after listening back to ourselves we think we are already getting better – hopefully,” added fellow OffPert Jack Baker.

The interview attracted some lovely comments on both the Radio Cornwall website, and also the OffPerts’ own site, “We got some great feedback from people,” finished Mr Wieprecht.  “We also had a few schools get in contact about us doing some training for them and we are linking up with one school right after half term!”

“Can all the OffPerts and myself thank the lovely staff at BBC Cornwall, especially Rosie and Debbie, for being so brilliant, and really making it a memorable experience”.