The Art of Maths

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in News | No Comments

The mathematics department is launching a new competition across the entire school to find the most gifted artists who can give maths a new flare of imagery. The competition, open to anyone in the school regardless of year group or set, will close on Monday 15th July.

The winning artwork will then be selected, and will be placed on display in the Maths corridor from after the summer holidays. The winner will also be rewarded for their efforts with two tickets to visit a local cinema and see their choice of film.

“We want this to be really creative,” said Enrichment Coordinator Mr Wieprecht. We want paintings, sculptures, cartoons, anything that makes our young people think of and get inspired by Maths. This isn’t just a poster competition, we really want it to be as artistic as our amazing students can imagine.”

For more information, or if you need the Maths department to supply materials, please contact Mr Wieprecht.