The 14 Days of ChristMaths

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This year, rather than opening daily advent calendars, students from community school were treated to something even more exciting by the Mathematics Department – a daily Maths puzzle.

On each of the 14 school days in December students were able to open a different Maths challenge in tutorial time, and, after completing the task, could post their answer in the “ChristMaths Post Box”. The challenges offered a huge range of challenges, from basic multiplication to finding means and modes, and one question to stretch even the brightest of students.

“This was a lovely way to end the calendar year,” said enrichment coordinator Scott Wieprecht who came up with the idea. “For me, engaging students in Maths, and giving the ability to have fun is centre of everything we do at the school – that’s why the vast majority of our teaching in the department is game or competition driven.”

The event was a huge success with over 2500 entries across the competition. Each day a winner was drawn and that student was awarded the prize behind the door – a selection box. The competition, however, was also heavily fought between forms, with two forms 9WP and 10AL both claiming two winners each.

“I think it’s important our young people realise what a fundamental part of their lives Maths is, and to give them the opportunity to take part in numeracy based activities every morning has been amazing. I think students would have taken part just based on the extremely witty pun in the competition name – although I think the chocolate prizes did possibly help achieve such a huge number of entries.”