Surf’s Up

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With small swell forecast but favourable weather,’s fledgling surf team were in optimistic mood as they made the trip to Bigbury for the second annual Discovery Interschools’ Surf Contest.  Arriving early, and on seeing surfable waist-high sets rolling in, it took no encouragement for the students to get suited up and in the water for a bit of a warm-up before the rest of the teams arrived.

Comprising only three surfers in the student team: Rhys Northcott, Alex Walsh and Louis Seedhouse, it became apparent that they were somewhat outnumbered as busloads of surfers from the other schools began to disembark their transport and amass in the beach car park for the day’s competition. As the heats were called, it gradually dawned on the Saltash team what a mammoth task they had before them – the team events required two teams of 6 surfers in 4 heats, meaning that each of the lads had to surf 8 times compared to twice for the other groups! “It’s great! It means we get more turns!” was Alex’s response to this, so they quickly got their blue vests and took to the beach as the competition, like the weather, heated up.

With the surf in the small range, foamies were the boards of choice, and the boys made good use of the extra flotation to earn high score rides with a particularly stylish demonstration of longboarding from Louis, who had a small advantage as a Discovery Surf School employee over the summer holiday!

As the scores started to come in, surf team began to take the lead in the team event, but, unfortunately, since there was no competitor for either the female shortboard or female teacher categories, no points were scored in these heats and the team had to settle for fourth place overall. Contest organiser Annika Connelly: “The team from performed remarkably well.  Not only were they talented surfers, they had incredible stamina, as there was only 3 of them competing against teams who had up to 12 children!  It was great to have them on board and hopefully next year they can bring a larger team.”

Head of ICT and keen surfer himself, Angus Reith said, ‘Competitive surfing promotes perseverance, determination, teamwork, physical ability and mental strength, and these students showed that they have these assets and more – very well done!’