Students ‘react’ well to inspirational Science and Careers talk

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Year 10 Scientists at community school enjoyed a fascinating talk by Cornwall Council’s Senior Employee Relations Officer, Hugh McCreadie, on the afternoon of Thursday 13th June.  During a recent visit to the school, Mr McCreadie had noticed that had been a recipient of the Rolls Royce Science Prize and he shared with Headteacher, Isobel Bryce, that he had spent seven years of his career working for the Rolls Royce Company in Derby.  This led to Mr McCreadie being invited into the school to speak with the Separate Science students about what it was like working in a factory which produced pressurized water reactors for nuclear power stations and nuclear submarines during the 1970s and 80s.

Mr McCreadie captivated his audience’s attention by first telling them about the time he had spent at ICI, before joining Rolls Royce, where one of the chemicals made was the bright blue dye which colours ‘mushy’ peas!  He then proceeded to share with the students a number of stories about his Rolls Royce experience including how he discovered the secret of storing uranium safely, how the nuclear reactors were transported and how employees were rewarded with Friday night flights in a Spitfire plane!

When Mr McCreadie left Rolls Royce to take a new post with accountancy firm ‘Coopers & Lybrand’, he was presented with one of the constituent parts of a pressurised water reactor.  He brought the piece along with him to show the students and explain how it would work within the reactor vessel as a whole.

Mr McCreadie concluded his talk by emphasising to the students the need to think broadly when considering the range of opportunities available to them in the future.  Scientists, he said, are multi skilled and can apply their logical thinking across many and varied career pathways.

Speaking after his visit, Mrs Bryce said, ‘I am so pleased that a chance conversation led to an inspirational talk for our young people.  I think Mr McCreadie may find himself in high demand once word spreads of his presentation at!  We would like to thank him for giving up some of his valuable time to help enrich the learning opportunities for our Year 10 Scientists.”