Students ‘inflate’ their confidence and team building

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This theme day students in Year 8 all broke a sweat, but thankfully no bones, in an incredibly active and challenging day put together to improve their team building skills.

The day consisted of eight different challenges to put the students through a series of physical and mental tests to see who would come out the victors. In each challenge the students were rewarded with tokens based on how well they had performed, with each token being worth an extra second in the final challenge, “Assault on”.

The physical activities taking place in the sports hall featured the famous Gladiator Duel with forms taking it in turns to knock each other off podiums and a Bungee Run named “The Equaliser” which saw students go head to head, or harness to harness, in a reverse tug of war race with Bean Bags. There was also the assault course with teams pitted against each other to collects balls from a pit and get them back through the course to their team mates on the other side, and the Sumo Suits which allowed them to dress in massive padded suits, and try to push the other out the ring.

The mental challenges were no less taxing, however, starting with a 3D Jigsaw puzzle that the students had to try to piece together, but without knowing what the puzzle was, or how it fitted together. This was followed by a slightly more active mental game of bench ball, which allowed teams to try to tactically work their plays to ensure the ball made it safely to their team mates on the other side. The great riddle followed, which asked teams to work out the location of items across the school in a manner even Anneka Rice would have been proud of. In the final challenge students really had to get their hands dirty, as they felt around in the dark boxes to discover what object lay inside – after they had got past the baked beans, chicken soup, and rice pudding of course!

“The morning’s activities were brilliant,” explained Head of Year, Scott Wieprecht. “It was lovely to see them all getting so engaged with what was going on, and beginning to gel as a team. Everyone took part, and everyone played to their strengths and weaknesses. It was great fun, I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in ages.”

The morning was so successful the Year 8 twitter account received over 350 tweets within the first 4 hours of the day, with a huge range of pictures showing the students’ progress, and also keeping everyone up to date with how they were finding the day. “Such a fantastic morning”, “Great Day”, “Sumo Wrestling was class” and “Best day ever” were just an example of how well it went down.

During the much needed lunchtime respite, the tokens were counted, with one form having an extra 14 seconds on their second place rivals. The students then ‘assaulted” in a final challenge combining literacy and physical challenge, where forms had to find a foam letter amongst the ball pool, dash through the assault course and begin to put a word together. The champion was the team that spelt the longest word correctly, without missing any letters. After all the teams had finished, the clear victors were 8RM, who managed to put together a 9 letter word! ‘Education’ may have been the word that led them to victory, but the real winners of the day were all the staff and students who developed outstanding team building skills, which will serve them well into their futures.

“For me the objective of the day was for tutor groups to work as a team, and become closer as a micro community,” added Mr Wieprecht. “When you saw the support they gave each other, especially through the final challenge, I know it was mission accomplished.”