Students create the .net news for BBC School Report

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Year 7 students interview Ms Littledyke

On 16 March 2017, Year 7 students at took part in the annual BBC School Report, creating a news bulletin which was posted on the school website.

Students from 7A3 had been working with English teacher Ms Baxter in their lessons in the lead up to School Report day, filming interviews and writing scripts to produce their news packages.

The class was split into four groups, with each group choosing a news item which they were to cover.

The groups focused on a range of different subjects, with one securing an exclusive interview with Headteacher Ms Littledyke, whilst another explored the recent success of the school’s Youth Speaks team.

Another group discussed reading and how important it is for young people, whilst the last group covered PE and sports at

The annual School Report encourages schools around the country to embrace journalism, and teach students the basics of the trade.

Ms Baxter was delighted with the class’ (pictured below) progress and their final products.

“The students have really enjoyed taking part in this project and their enthusiasm is wonderful to see. Hopefully we have some budding journalists in the making”, she said.

Students from who took part in BBC School Report 2017