‘Something the students will remember forever’: World Challenge, Croatia July 2015

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For ten of saltash.net’s 14 and 15 year olds, the summer of 2015 is one they are unlikely to forget in a hurry.  Having spent the last two years raising the necessary £1,400 each, needed to fund the week long World Challenge expedition to Croatia, they had already demonstrated their resourcefulness and resilience, but nothing quite prepared them for the 40°c heat whilst trekking in the gorges and mountains of the ‘Packlenitsa’ National Park.

‘The students were great,’ commented co-leader of the World Challenge, Mr Jezz Pomfret, Head of RE at saltash.net community school.  “We saw them really grow and develop as young people and I am sure they will all draw on their amazing experiences.”

Joint Leader, and teacher of Geography at saltash.net, Vicky Higgs added, ‘The World Challenge trek certainly pushed our students and challenged them hugely.  They were carrying 12kg packs up the gorge in the national park.  So they really achieved something extraordinary.  Our guide, Pero, commented on the group’s excellent teamwork and how they all got on so well together and created such a positive ethos throughout the week long expedition.”

In addition to the mountain trekking, the group had the opportunity to sea and river kayak, which provided a welcome relief to the intense summer heat.

Summing up the whole experience, Mr Pomfret said, ‘This World Challenge experience is something the students will remember forever and it was a real privilege to be with them.’

There is still one challenge remaining for the intrepid youngsters:  leading assemblies during the Autumn Term to share with the whole school one very unique way of spending part of the summer holiday!