SMART Day inspires at

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017 in News | No Comments staff were inspired by Neil Atkin, the “disruptive educator”, at SMART Day 2017. Neil launched the day with a motivating and stimulating speech, and delivered workshops to staff on ways to engage and spark students’ curiosity.

SMART Day saw staff from and Landulph School take part in 36 workshops which included sessions on wellbeing, technology, special needs and assessment strategies.

Staff were able to select specific workshops that were relevant to their own career development and the needs of their students.

“What was truly impressive was to see the passion that teachers have to do the best for the students” said Lee Howgate (Assistant Headteacher), who organised the day.

“Sharing knowledge and skills is vital for teachers’ development of their craft, and makes sure we spread the best practice across the school to benefit the widest number of students,” he added.

Other staff commented on the value of learning about the phonics and numeracy strategies used in one of our partner primary schools, Landulph Primary, and the benefits of teaching and support staff working together to share expertise and discuss ways to motivate and engage students.