Sixth Formers Quiz General Election Candidates

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Saltash Community School was pleased to welcome in the Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat candidates to represent South East Cornwall in Parliament to talk to Sixth Formers about the upcoming election.

The panel debate was held in the Sixth Form study room during Year 13’s General Studies lesson, with candidates delivering opening statements before taking questions submitted by the students. Ms Childs, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, was in the chair, to keep the candidates to time and ensure the audience had their questions answered and were able to add in some of their own opinions.

Green candidate Martha Green, Labour candidate Gareth Derrick, and Liberal Democrat candidate Colin Martin answered questions on a wide range of issues, from climate change to the NHS, and nuclear weapons to what their parties would do for young people. The debate was good-spirited and saw all candidates deliver strong responses, outlining their personal views as well as their party’s promises on how to tackle these issues.

Conservative candidate Sheryll Murray sent apologies due to her busy schedule, whilst the school was unable to contact Liberal candidate Jay Latham in time for them to attend.

Ms. Childs said “I’m glad we had the opportunity to hold this debate, and I’m really pleased with the questions that were asked by our Year 13 students. For many of our students this will be the first opportunity they have had to cast their vote, and it’s really important that we encourage them to do so”.