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An exclusive interview with Ms Littledyke

Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks is a competition run by Rotary, Great Britain and Ireland to ‘encourage speaking and presentation skills in young people. This competition showcases superb quality speakers.’ Young people compete against other schools from across the UK presenting topics and opinions that are important to them.

We asked Geoff Peggs from the Rotary Club of Saltash some questions about why the Rotary Club offer this experience for young people. Here’s what he had to say:

Why does the Rotary Club feel this is an important competition to run?

Rotary was originally set up to help the local population in the local area of the Club – hence our Rotary motto ‘service above self’. Rotary, as a world wide organisation, is a great believer in the young being the future for us all and a good deal of time is spent in encouraging young people in their general development as opposed to simply school studies. The competitions that we run are designed to complement and not replace school work. The idea of Youth Speaks is to encourage public speaking and the ability to analyse a situation and provide ‘pros and cons’ to both sides of the discussion. Rotary feels that Youth Speaks helps in this process of providing a reasoned argument in a public forum.

Do all the students who take part have to be good at English?

It is not imperative to be ‘good at English’ but there would be a distinct disadvantage if a point cannot be made logically and clearly. The prime reason for the way in which marks are awarded and the teams are judged is to encourage good, clear and precise use of the language in a reasoned argument.

What advice would you give a student who wants to take part in the Youth Speaks Competition?

There are a number of things and, like all competitions, it is important to be clear what the competition is for and what rules apply. From there it is important that each member of the team supports the others, is clear in what they say, and is able to express their ideas to the audience and, of course, the judges. The speakers should also have a broad understanding of the chosen subject as questions are invited ‘from the audience’ during the course of the competition and it is important that the questions are answered clearly and concisely.

What is the prize at the end?

There are prizes at each stage of the competition – usually book vouchers of some kind. I understand that the winners of the final this year will receive £50.00 Amazon vouchers. Whilst this is a prize well worth having the real prize is taking part in a competition that is designed to help the participants overcome any potential reluctance to speak publicly that many youngsters have and to assist in their future development into well rounded people in the future.  There are also certificates awarded to all participants that can included in their school CV and these may be looked on by potential employers as a ‘plus’ for any applicant.

Thanks to Geoff for answering our questions.

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