School Recording Studio Launched by SW Music Awards “Best Act Of 2013” Winner, Land Of The Giants’ Lead Singer, Andy Quick

Posted by on Dec 5, 2013 in News | No Comments is proud to announce that it now has a fully equipped recording studio of its very own!

Logic Pro is the industry standard audio recording and sampling software, and forms the foundation of everything that happens in the new studio. With a Midi keyboard that syncs directly to the software, a mixing desk for the hardware interface and both dynamic and condenser microphones, the studio is sufficient to satisfy most of the needs of the school’s developing recording artists and sound engineers. The space has been sound optimised with acoustic cladding throughout, and with Sennheiser headphones and Pulse monitor speakers, a professional sound and experience has been achieved.

The studio was launched by Andy Quick, lead singer of Land Of The Giants, fresh from picking up the ‘Best Act of 2013’ in the South West Music Awards. Andy tested the studio recording solo material, and gave the following testimonial:


“I went to the school not knowing what to expect and was instantly greeted by the big friendly smile of Angus Reith and a big cup of tea which was a great start!

I’ve recorded in large, hi tech expensive recording suites over the years and they can play on your nerves at times, always against the clock and always so expensive. It was great to be greeted by a little soundproofed room, instantly putting me at ease and brought out a side of me as a recording artist that I very rarely see: total relaxation and playfulness with no nagging fixation on the end result.

It was a great experience to use the little studio; the sound quality was great and the room itself was perfect to get a nice acoustic sound with just a guitar and vocal.

Angus was very interested in my songs, very patient and seemed impressed with the delivery which always helps when you’re putting new music out there.

If I can take anything from that session it would be that the most important things in a studio are the attitude of the engineer to encourage your most relaxed state when recording, and also that you don’t need a flashy environment to make great music. Thanks for those lessons; I would have loved to have learned them at school age.”

Andy Quick
November 2013

The tracks that Andy recorded can be heard on the Recording Studio page of the school’s website, and please check the Recording Studio page for original recordings by our own very talented singer-songwriters, musicians and sound engineers.

The recording studio is now open for bookings – please contact Mr Reith on for more information.