Saltash votes Squirrel!

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The cut and thrust of the hustings, the buzz of the polling station, the drama of the count and the thrill of the close result… Not the real General Election, but much more important – the mock election! Over the two weeks up to May 6th eight candidates vied for the votes of the whole school – speaking in assemblies, recording a radio PPB (Party Political Bulletin), and plastering their colourful posters around the site.

On the day itself a dedicated team of students helped turn the lecture theatre into a very lifelike polling station – voters queued up to register to vote, got a stamped ballot paper, took it to a voting booth to vote secretly and then dropped it in the ballot box. They even got stopped by our exit poll-ers on the way out.

In the end over a thousand students and staff voted, and the final result was:

Candidate NamePartyVotes
The Supreme Chancellor
Monster Raving Loony218
Sally BOWMANLabour93
Freddie BRASHERMebyon Kernow.net177
Nathan CROFTLiberal Democrats55
Amy DONOVANConservative149
Charlie HELEIndependent199
Ed RULEGreen122

There were 14 spoilt or unclear ballots, 3 blank, and 1 not officially stamped

  • Total Votes 1217
  • Electorate 1532
  • Turnout 79.44%

The winner was therefore The Supreme Chancellor of Bin Squirrels. As a result the Supreme chancellor now joins the school council. Well done to all candidates and thanks to everyone who helped or voted!

A Killeya & E Metters, Joint Returning Officers