students vote in mock referendum

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In the build up to this week’s EU referendum, teachers at have been keen to give students at the school a voice, holding assemblies on the subject and asking them to cast their vote.

The vote, organised by Mrs Metters, Miss Halliday and Mr. Killeya, aimed to engage those who can’t vote and raise awareness of the important issues at hand.

Years 7 to 10, as well as Year 12, were asked during assembly whether they favoured remaining in the European Union, or leaving it, having watched a short video laying out the general arguments for both.

The official count was finished during Friday lunchtime, with Remain emerging victorious with 59% of the vote.

The breakdown of the vote was as follows:

 RemainLeaveSpoilt ballot
Year 7 and 82451657
Year 9 and 102181436
Year 1245311
Overall508 (59%)339 (39%)14 (2%)

The voting comes following a recent debate on the EU referendum, attended by Sixth Formers and staff, and chaired by Head of Sixth Form Mr Killeya.

David Chalmers, who is Northern Devon Campaign Co-ordinator for StrongerIN as well as a Regional Officer of the Lib Dems, represented the Remain campaign, whilst David Lucas, County Chairman of UKIP spoke in favour of leaving the EU.

History teacher, Miss Halliday, said:

“It is vital that students engage in politics if we hope to increase participation when they turn 18.  It was great fun and a brilliant atmosphere during the assemblies and counting the votes.  Hopefully this will encourage students to take part in the issues affecting their country.”

Politics teacher and head of Sixth Form, Mr Killeya, said:

“Our students may not be able to vote in the referendum on the 23rd, but whatever the result it will have a massive impact in their future jobs, opportunities and lives.

“That’s why we thought it so important to raise their awareness of the arguments on both sides and give them a chance to vote.”