student named ‘Most employable 17 year old in Plymouth’

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FB_IMG_1466892041806 student, Kieran Marley, has been named the ‘Most employable 17 year old in the Plymouth area’ after winning the city’s ‘You’re Hired!’ competition.

Kieran had already been named ‘Best Future Design Engineer’, going on to claim the award for ‘Most Employable’.

Whilst students have entered the competition and finished as category winners in the past, 2016 marks the first year that the school has had a winner claim the top prize and be named the most employable in the area.

Kieran had to work with a group of students from other schools, making a physical product (vibrating insoles for navigating for Blind & Visually Impaired People) and a non-physical product (a website), and participate in a ‘purchasing challenge’.

Following the production phase, Kieran had to present in front of a large audience in a lecture theatre and take a grilling from a Dragons’ Den style panel.

After accepting his award, Kieran said:

“It was great to work with lots of new people, which helped to improve my problem solving skills, my ability to speak in front of a large audience of strangers, and to think on my feet. I’m really pleased to have won as I am hoping to follow a career in Medicine!”

Huge congratulations to Kieran on this great news.