proud of school’s showjumping team

Posted by on Nov 22, 2016 in News | No Comments’s showjumping team have been making great strides, securing excellent results in two early events in a bid to qualify for the British Showjumping Schools’ National Championship.

On 23rd October, 10 students took part in the Schools’ Team Showjumping at Tall Trees Arena at Davidstow, competing in 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1 metre contests.

The team of Florence Wickham, Lucie Jones and Louisa Fleming came 2nd in the 90cm event, whilst three riders braved a huge 1 metre course.  As a result of a fantastic performance, the team came 1st with Ellie Robinson also winning the individual event, Demelza Morris finishing 2nd, and Katie Flanagan finishing 3rd.

All the students supported each other fabulously in the face of tough competition from teams from Launceston and Callington.

The team achieved even better results on Saturday 12 November, with four different classes entering and some superb individual and team achievements.

In the 80cm event, the Saltash Hearts – Macy Simpson (Year 8), Florence Wickham (Year 9), Louisa Fleming (Year 12) and Abi Baker (Year 11) – finished 2nd, whilst two Saltash teams finished 1st and 2nd in the 90cm competition.

In the 1m competition, the team of Demelza Morris (Year 10) Ellie Robinson (Year 13) Ellie Garland (Year 11) and Katie Flanagan (Year 8) rode to victory, claiming 1st place. There were also fantastic results in the 1m individual event, with Ellie Garland finishing 1st and Ellie Robinson 3rd.

These are fantastic results for the school, and a big well done and thank you goes to all involved.