Safeguarding our school community

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Schools across the Country are facing a new challenge in relation to social media. TikTok challenges are presenting serious concerns within communities, encouraging users of the platform to take part in dangerous, malicious and/or anti-social behaviour.

Unfortunately, we have been subjected to some of these incidents and we are asking for your help. Together, we can educate our young people and remind them of the safest way to use social media platforms. We take this matter extremely seriously in order to safeguard our whole community.

Online safety is part of our curriculum and we regularly remind students about staying safe, age restrictions and possible consequences of breaking platform guidelines, or even the law. Despite this, school staff are finding themselves as subjects of offensive and defamatory material, with some content being made and shared online without consent. Schools are being encouraged to work with local Police forces, whilst teaching unions have contacted TikTok and the Government. This issue is not isolated to TikTok.

We would ask that parents/carers regularly and sporadically check their child’s phone/devices. Each week, we will publish guidance on one of the major online platforms so you know what to look for, focusing on: the minimum age to have an account; how to check your child’s profile or whether they have multiple profiles; how to see who they follow or who follows them; how to report abuse or abusive content. For this first release, we are focusing on TikTok.

If you are concerned about your child’s online safety, or you would like some advice about how to support your child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s Head of Year. 

We would like to thank those members of our school community who have come forward this week to report online material they have seen.

Thank you for your support

TEAM Saltash