Radio Gaga

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in News | No Comments Community School Teaching AwardsNational Teaching Awards Regional Winner 2014 for the Outstanding Use of Technology in Education, Scott Wieprecht, recounts his visit to Radio Cornwall.

‘On Tuesday 3rd June I had the pleasure of being invited to talk to BBC Radio Cornwall about my recent silver National Teaching Award. Luckily, I didn’t really think enough about it to become too nervous, I was more concerned with whether my poorly car would make it all the way to Truro and back.

I managed to arrive in plenty of time and then got to experience what was meant by the ‘joys’ of Truro parking. After spending 20 minutes unsuccessfully finding a space I was allowed to park in the radio station’s car park.

The guest before me was talking about something to do with some World Cup thing that was apparently going to be happening shortly; this interview over ran meaning I got to spend extra time in the studio. I learnt a lot of things whilst sitting on the rather comfortable sofa – most importantly, and quickly, when the red light came on I needed to shut up.

David Whyte, whose show I appeared on, had spoken to me before, with some of the OffPerts, about the amazing things we do here at with technology. He was keen to catch up on everything the Offperts had been doing, and all they had accomplished since.

Being completely honest, I haven’t listened to the interview back, as I can’t remember what I said, and if students don’t like the sound of my voice, I dislike it even more!

I do, however, hope that my key point came across: the award was much less about me, and much more about the amazing work that goes on at the school. It recognised the incredible students and the opportunities that both our young people and also the staff get offered at the school.

After spending 15 minutes trying to get out of the car park, as I had been blocked in by no fewer than five staff cars, I did still make it back to Saltash without a breakdown. I have been told many times I have the face for radio, however I think I’ll leave that to the experts for now.’