Prof. Andy Phippen gives talk to students at

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Friday 18th October saw the ICT Department at community school host Prof. Andy Phippen from the University of Plymouth, who is working on a collaborative project investigating young people’s use of technology. He listened to the views of pupils from Yr10 and Yr11 on issues surrounding the dangers of sexting, online pornography, ‘new sexism’ and the objectification of women in modern society.

Fresh from his appearance on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, Prof. Phippen is the ‘go-to’ academic for this research in the UK and we are very lucky to be able to benefit from his expertise. Head of ICT, Mr Angus Reith, who has worked with Prof. Phippen for nearly ten years on a number of projects, said, “This visit underlines the need to have a frank discussion with our young people on the ways in which they use technology. The school’s core values of responsibility, respect, compassion, honesty and fairness are as important in the digital world as in the real world, and we want to produce digital citizens who exemplify these values.” Prof, Phippen is working with on its e-safety policy to ensure that it keeps up with the rapid pace of technological change.