Planning a holiday in school time? Here’s what you need to know:

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If you are planning a holiday during term-time you must complete an Absence Request Form at least two weeks before the planned leave of absence. The form can be found on the school’s website or can be collected from Reception or the Attendance Office.

Completed forms should be returned to school for the attention of Mrs Moss, the Attendance Manager. The absence request is then considered by the relevant parties and once a decision has been made, a letter is sent home.

If the request has been declined and the holiday is still taken, this will result in an unauthorised absence. This could also lead to school requesting a penalty notice be issued by Cornwall County Council. The details of a penalty notice are as follows:

Fixed Penalty Notices can be issued when parents take students out of school for a period of absence without informing the school or parents take students out of school even though the school has received a request for absence and it has been deemed as unauthorised. Fixed Penalty Notices are not issued without serious consideration. On 1 September 2013 the Education (Penalty Notice) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into effect. The procedures for Fixed Penalty Notices remain the same but the details of the changes are as follows:

  • The fine to be paid is £60.00 per parent, per child if paid within 21 days, increasing to £120.00 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days;
  • If payment is not made the matter proceeds to court;
  • Penalty notices will be issued for unauthorised absence whether an Absence Request Form has been completed or not.  It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to provide medical evidence for a period of absence due to illness. We will not issue Fixed Penalty Notices unless we feel they are appropriate under the individual circumstances. Should you require any clarification, please contact Mrs Moss, in the first instance.

Geoff Barton, the General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders recently said ‘We understand that family holidays are expensive during peak periods but taking children out of school during term time disrupts their education and adds to the workload of teachers who then have to help them catch up. If everybody did this it would be an unmanageable free-for-all’.

Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of School Leaders’ Union NAHT said ‘It is important that children miss as little time at school as possible. The cumulative effect of missed days can be harmful to children’s education. The best way to ensure children are learning and progressing is for them to attend school during term time’.

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