Pillmere bus service update

Posted by on May 4, 2018 in News, Notices | No Comments

For those interested in a bus service from Pillmere to saltash.net, find update below –

  • The Community Hopper bus would like to run three 15 min shuttles, at 07.45, 08.00 & 08.15 from Pillmere, with the three return shuttles starting either at 15.15 or 15.30 from school, again with 15 minute intervals. It would require parents to organise who is on which bus and collect funds.
  • Daily costs would be 1 run each way £81, 2 runs each way £91 & 3 runs each way £100. 3 runs is the most economic, and is £1.04 per seat each way, using a 16 seat bus.

For more information or to express further interest, please contact Jackie Ross via email at jackie.76@hotmail.co.uk.