PSHE is an important part of learning at Saltash Community School, taught discreetly by the PSHE team, below is the outline of the programme. Year 7 Be Well from September 2020 will come under the PSHE umbrella but will still be taught under the Be Well name. Our AIM of the Be Well sessions: for all students to gain an understanding of what being mentally healthy and well looks like, to begin to understand the workings of the brain, what happens when we become anxious and angry. We will also introduce all students to strategies to deal with anxiety/stress/anger in order for some students to reduce their levels of stress. This curriculum covers all of the HWB from the new RSHE Curriculum.

RSE 2020 FAQs

RSE Parental Information

The lessons will be delivered under the broader titles using the PSHE association framework of:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World
  • Saltash values

Activities and learning:

  • in Personal Development and Be Well lessons are in black
  • in other curriculum subjects are in red
  • drop down days and extra-curricular are in blue
  • Guest speakers

Spiral Curriculum Strands:

  • RSE (RSE)
  • Wider world (WW)
  • Health and Wellbeing (HWB)
  • Careers (C)
  • Citizenship (CP)
  • British values (BV)

Contact Head of PSHE Emma Gue at and Emma Childs for KS5 at should you have any questions about the programme or PSHE content.

Sixth Form

Activities and learning:

  • in Careers lessons are in black
  • in PSHE are in red
  • in Assemblies are in Green
  • drop down days and extra-curricular are in blue