World famous Pennywell miniature pigs born at

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Smiling piglet and smiling students at community school is delighted to announce that Charlotte, one of Pennywell Farm’s world famous miniature pigs who is on loan at the school, has given birth to nine healthy piglets.

Charlotte, who was bred at Pennywell Farm, arrived at the school shortly before Christmas, and staff and students have eagerly waited for her to farrow. This is the first time that Pennywell have ever loaned one of their pigs, which all have a gentle, friendly character.

When they are settled, Charlotte’s piglets will be having lots of cuddles with students and will be a key focus of’s BTEC Animal Care course and Farm Club. Students will get the opportunity to develop leadership skills by applying to become livestock managers to help assist in the care of the micro pigs, and there will also be creative writing projects based around Charlotte and her piglets.

The school even hope that Charlotte and her litter may be able to learn some tricks!

Mrs Blackmore, Animal Care and Science teacher at is delighted with the safe arrival of the piglets.

“Both students and staff at are really excited now that Charlotte has farrowed. As well as being incredibly cute, the litter will provide a great opportunity to help students grow in confidence and develop social skills whilst learning a sense of responsibility and respect for life.

“Helping to care for the piglets will give students a sense of pride and accomplishment especially as the piglets return the affection!” she said.

For those keen to watch Charlotte and her piglets’ progress, the school has set up a live stream of their enclosure, which can be viewed on the school’s website at the following link; You can also follow Charlotte on Twitter here. first broadcast a live stream from its livestock area in 2006, attracting worldwide attention, when Delores, the Duroc cross-bred sow, had taken up residence at the school.

Mrs Blackmore and Ms Chapman from the school’s Science Department visited Pennywell in early October, along with some keen Animal Care students, to meet Charlotte and give the students the opportunity to learn more about her care.

Charlotte and her litters’ arrival adds further diversity to the school’s livestock area, which is already home to goats, ducks, chickens and rabbits.