Girls Active



Girls’ needs differ and change as they mature. The girls themselves are the best placed people to ‘sell’ PE and sport to other girls.

The Youth Sport Trust aim is to find ways to ensure that physical education (PE), sport and physical activity are motivating for girls.

The PE department will use the Girls Active key principles to aim to engage girls in PE, sport and physical activity.

These principles are:

  • Take a long-term approaching to engaging girls.
  • Put developing self-confidence at the heart of PE.
  • Make PE and sport relevant to girls’ lives.
  • Recognise the power of friends to drive progress.
  • Develop role models for the future.
  • Empower girls to design and deliver PE and sport.

Research from the Youth Sports Trust indicates that:

Our school survey results- 2019

Why exercise?


It improves the strength of bones & muscles, increases heart and lung size and strength, and it improves health & wellbeing.

Exercise will help you do these…..



THURSDAY 3-4 p.m. in the gym/sports hall.

  • Come and experience activities you might not have done before…
  • Cardio tennis
  • Zumba
  • Boxing
  • Unihock
  • Rowing
  • Just Dance
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor rounders
  • Plus more!!


Each time a girl attends the Girls Active club, she will have her loyalty card stamped.

Once it is full, she will be entered into the next draw to win a £10 Sports Direct voucher.

A Girls Active board is in the girls changing room with information regarding the benefits of exercise, clubs the girls can attend, information about famous female sports stars, and information about female members of staffs views on active participation.

This board, along with the activity sessions are organised by the GLAMS.

Girls Leader and marketing squad

Have a go session – Aikido

This week at the Girls Active Club we had some highly qualified Aikido instructors demonstrating the different areas of this martial art, and then leading a “Have a go” session with the girls. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and we are now trying to arrange a 6 week block of sessions to be run after Christmas. It is an amazing self defence activity.

Also being investigated is the chance of some instructors from Jacks Gym to come and lead some fun fitness sessions for the girls. Other possibilities being persued are a few sessions on cheerleading and Rockfit.

In between times the club will be run by the wonderful GLAMS and myself and Miss Smith where we will do Just Dance, Multi sport, Dodgeball, rowing machines and other various forms of fun activity which the girls will not generally do in their PE lessons.

Non-contact Boxing

Two of our staff members are now qualified to tutor Non-contact Boxing, we intend on introducing this to our KS 4 classes and the Girls Active Club soon.