Integrated Learning is a substantial part of year 7 curriculum time devoted to acquiring, practising and applying practical and cognitive cross-curricular skills which our students will have need of throughout their education and future lives. We aim to use content to allow our students to experience these skills through an engaging and cross-curricular approach.

This one year course consists of 6 modules known as “Know Zones”one to be experienced every ½ term. Within all Know Zones, and across the year, students will have several opportunities to develop all 6 of the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS, known as ‘SECRET’).

What is SECRET?

Personal Learning and Thinking SkillWhat does this mean?
Self ManagerManage risk
Be organised
Go for it, finish it
Manage emotions
Effective ParticipatorPersuade others
Find solutions
Identify issues
Get involved
Creative ThinkerImagine
Make links
Take creative risks
Question assumptions
Reflective LearnerSet challenges
Plan, complete and review tasks
Invite feedback
Share learning
Enquirer (independent)Explore a question
Evaluate evidence
Stay objective
Reach conclusions
Team WorkerTake responsibility
Manage the team
Build team strengths
Evaluate the team

In each know Zone, students will be required to complete an assessed unit of work called a ‘Portfolio Piece’, with the requirement to focus closely on one particular skill, as outlined in the next table:

Know Zone

"What makes me?"

"What can water do for me?"

"What's Out There?"

"Is That Powerful?"

"Is That Fair?"

"What does good business look like?"
Personal Learning and Thinking SkillSelf ManagerEffective ParticipatorReflective LearnerCreative ThinkerIndependent EnquirerTeam Worker

Over the course of the year, progress in all 6 skills will be reported to parents as a part of each Progress Tracker as shown below:

The first Progress Tracker report (December) will be based on the students’ first two “Know Zones”.
The second Progress Tracker report (March) will be based on the students’ first four “Know Zones”.
The third Progress Tracker report (June) will be based on all six “Know Zones”.

Click to download the criteria against which students’ work will be assessed