Open Evenings 2013

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Prospective parents and pupils of were welcomed to the school’s annual Open Evenings on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd October.

Despite poor weather on the Wednesday evening, attendance on both nights was excellent, with the school’s main hall packed to capacity for the introductory sessions.

Welcoming visitors to the school on the Thursday evening was one of the resident goats, Poppy, with handler, Science teacher, Grant Taylor, and two Year 7 representatives – Abbie Johnson and George Thompson.  Abbie and George both gave a talk to the prospective parents and pupils during the introduction, along with head students Lily Hemmett and Ciaran Jones.

Also welcoming visitors to the school in their own way were members of singing group ‘Limitless’ who performed the rousing number ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille.

Head Student Speech - Open Evenings 2013
LilyHi everyone, and welcome again to tonight's open evening. I'm Lily Hemmett and this is Ciaran Jones and we are part of the head student team for the coming school year.
It's rather odd actually, sitting up here talking to all of you when 7 years ago we were sat where you all are now, deciding which secondary school to go to.
Not much seems to have changed as this school still has a welcoming atmosphere and a great attitude, although we never got to be cool secret agents with missions to accomplish!
We'll start with a little bit about ourselves. I am currently studying towards four A-Levels: Business Studies, ICT, Maths and Further Maths. I am now in the process of filling out my UCAS application to hopefully go to Bath or Exeter University next September.
CiaranAnd I am studying biology, chemistry and geography hoping to study forensic science at university next year. But enough about us, at there are a large variety of clubs and activities from football and rugby, through to drama, science and maths.
In recent years we have had excellent successes in football from both boys and girls, with many county finalists and champions. Some students have even made it to professional level after leaving. We run many team sports such as rugby and basketball alongside other sports including tennis, athletics and badminton.
Our school has had great success with school drama performances which include Grease and A Midsummer Night's Dream and our next performance which I'm sure will be another success; Guys and Dolls. If you like acting and singing this is a great place to get involved and have some fun.
If science and maths is your thing we have STEM club where students can get involved in experiments and other fun things to aid learning after school.
We also run a reading scheme for students who struggle with their ability to read. Sixth formers who volunteer will go to the library and sit with a child for half an hour on 3 mornings a week. This has given many positive results for the young students who grow in confidence as they see their reading age increase.
LilyTwo other recent additions to school life are our breakfast and homework clubs. At the homework club, situated in the canteen, the students can go to get help with their homework and a have a snack. The idea behind the breakfast club was to encourage more young people not to skip breakfast by providing the facility to eat at school. This helps the students to concentrate better in lessons and have enough energy to get through the day.
One of the other main things about our school is its great focus on student voice.
As a part of the head student team, we chair school council meetings. Here we meet up with two representatives from each year group to discuss what we like about the school, and what we can improve on. The discussions which take place are based upon what pupils say to their form reps, and what their form reps feedback to their year representatives. This ensures that even if you are not on the school council, you will still get a chance to raise issues which you want to be looked at. By having these regular meetings, and getting input from students throughout the school, we can try to ensure that everyone is happy here.
CiaranWe hope that you have been able to gain a bit of an insight into what it will be like to study at Thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of your evening.
Year 7 Speech - Open Evenings 2013
AbbieHello. My name is Abbie and I started at in September joining from St. Germans Primary School.

I chose here because of things that I had heard about the school by friends who were already here and last year my brother came to the school.
He really enjoyed his first year and at times I was quite jealous of the new things that he was able to do like new science experiments and enrichment week.

I was a bit nervous about coming here as St. Germans school is quite small in comparison, but the theme days that we went on in years five and six were really helpful.

It’s great to have so many new subjects and I enjoy having so many different teachers. It can also be fun trying to find your way around the school and luckily I have not got lost… yet!

My favourite subject at the moment is maths. I never thought I would actually say that. But when your maths teacher sings to you as you walk through the door and then actually makes maths fun to learn, how can you not show favouritism?

One of the good things about being here is that after a few days you realise that you have made new friends from different schools without any effort, it just happens. All of them have a different story to tell and share.

Unfortunately, as with all good things, there has to be a bad thing and this comes in the way of the most awful jokes that you will ever hear but as the person responsible is your head of year, just smile sweetly and everything will be fine.

This is actually a small price to pay for being part of a great school. I highly recommend but you don’t have to take my word for it, ask pupils from here your questions when they are out of school and you will get the same answers.

I did just that and that’s why I chose to come here. Thank you for listening.