Open Evening report

Posted by on Oct 19, 2016 in News | No Comments community school would like to thank all prospective parents and pupils who attended its annual Open Evenings, held on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October. Both evenings were packed to capacity with visitors able to enjoy a wide range of student led activities across the school.

Welcoming everyone to was a performance from cast members of the upcoming production of ‘Billy Elliot’, who sang ‘Electricity’.

After the performance, Bronwen Hall, alongside fellow Head Student Rosie Thompson, offered their words of welcome to those in attendance, as did Head of Year 7 and Transition, Grant Taylor, and Headteacher, Isobel Bryce.

After the introductions and welcomes in the school’s main hall, student ambassadors led tours of the site where a whole host of interactive activities awaited everyone in the different curriculum areas.

For anyone who would like to visit the school during the day, appointments can be made by contacting Karen Crook. Please email or contact reception on 01752 843715. The school’s prospectus is available here. Hard copies can also be provided and are obtainable from the school’s main reception.

Bronwen Hall speech

Welcome to the open evening. My name is Bronwen Hall, and I’m currently one of the head students here. I’m here to talk about my experience at, and to give a brief insight as to why our school is such an amazing place to study.

I joined this school in year 7, and since then I’ve been able to do so much. As well as obtaining thirteen GCSEs and four AS Levels, I’ve also been able to take part in things such as the maths challenge, student-organised concerts and school shows. Now, of course, most schools run these things. But how many people can say that in secondary school they worked on building their own website and running projects with people over in Australia?

This was something I got to do in year 7, 8 and 9. I wouldn’t exactly say there are many schools that run that. The reason I got an opportunity to do these things was because of the amazing teachers here. They put so much time and effort into helping students make the most out of their education, going above and beyond the call of duty. Their day doesn’t just end at 3.

Take last year for example; my drama teacher stayed in school with us until 8pm helping us improve our exam piece. He had no obligation to do that, no obligation to stay that late. But he still did, and not once did he complain about it. Thanks to his dedication, I came out with an A in AS Level Theatre Studies this summer, which wasn’t something I would have predicted. The teaching here is outstanding, and I’m sure no-one would challenge me on that.

And if that isn’t proof enough that we have the best teachers going, then maybe this is. Mr Hawthorne, Head of Maths here, won a National Teaching Award last year. And he’s not the first of our teachers to have won. He was named the National Teaching Awards’ Regional Winner for the Outstanding Use of Technology in Education. This is an amazing achievement, and represents the high quality of teaching in our school. Mr Wieprecht, another maths teacher here, also won the same award in 2014. We’ve also had many teachers make it as finalists in the National Teaching Awards.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve also been able to take part in concerts and shows whilst I’ve been here. Music and drama are very important to me and can be an escape from your typical lesson set up. Our school shows manage to get better and better each year. This year is ‘Billy Elliot’, and although I’m not taking part this time, I can’t wait to watch it.

So that’s our school. Thanks to community here, I’ve had an amazing experience at school. I hope to complete my A Levels in Geography, Maths and Theatre Studies this year with the grades to go to Exeter University and study Geography. That’s something I don’t think I would have achieved at any other school.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. If you have any questions then please don’t be afraid to ask myself, any of the head student team or the teachers and we will try to answer your questions the best we can. Thank you!

Rosie Thompson speech

Good evening. My name is Rosie and I am the other head student for this year. I am going to be talking about the experiences of my school life at and some of the extracurricular opportunities available at our school. My journey began as a shy and timid 11 year old who obtained the last available place for that year’s intake. Armed with a school map and a friendly mentor, my first day at school felt like I had walked hundreds of miles, covering all the areas, yet I still had no idea where I was. But really quickly I adapted to the hustle and bustle of ‘big school’ and looked forward to coming here every day.

School is, I’ll be honest, hard work, but FUN. It is the stepping stone into the “real world” and the beginning of your adult life. At Saltash, we are provided with all the tools necessary to progress and succeed. The teachers and support staff provide a wealth of experience and knowledge across a wide range of subjects. This, coupled with a passion and real empathy towards all students, creates a caring and structured environment. I am proof that this is a recipe for success, set four in year 7 for science, yet gained GCSE A grades in this subject.

To complement the hard work, school life offers a range of after school clubs, sporting opportunities, including sports leadership courses, and both breakfast and homework clubs.

There are also a number of theme days, which all students are particularly fond of. All timetables are stopped for the day, whilst everyone takes part in the creative themes that are designed to give us a chance to use our imagination and other skills. I also really looked forward to our annual sports day, which keeps getting bigger and better each year. The Olympics come to Cornwall once a year, style.

Now that shy and timid 11 year old is 18, studying for her A-Levels and stood here talking to you. I can’t believe where the past 7 years have gone, time really does fly when you’re having fun.