Maths with a Heart

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in News | No Comments

maths with a heart-resizedThis valentine’s day, while most people across the country were giving gifts and presents to loved ones and family, students in the Maths department at community school were doing something a little different. Instead of giving gifts to those close to them, they were giving to strangers they had never met in support of LASCO, the Latin American Street Children Organisation.

The organisation was set up to raise funds to support medical and educational projects in Latin America which respond to the needs of street children. Each year the registered charity runs a Maths Challenge aimed at children all across the UK to engage in real life maths situations, which affect the day to day living of some of the very children the organisation supports.

Scott Wieprecht, Enrichment Coordinator for Mathematics was extremely pleased with how the day’s effort went. “This was a great day for our department who really went beyond the call of duty. We were able to support a very worthwhile organisation and managed to raise over £50 in just 2 hours to help the charity.” He added, “ Whilst the charity aspect is huge for us, equally as important was the experience this gave our young people. The lessons were tailored to students of all abilities and age ranges with plenty of opportunity to differentiate, making this a really worthwhile task. Being able to see just how maths needs to be applied in the real world in other countries and cultures not only embeds their mathematical learning, but broadens their outlook and experiences.”