Madagascar Jr takes over for a week of performances

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in News | No Comments transformed its school hall into the African island of Madagascar this month, as performances of the hit play Madagascar Jr took to the stage.

The production was organised in collaboration with our partner primaries.  Each night opened with a talent show, giving students a chance to showcase their hidden abilities – whether it be singing, dancing, or a bit of both!

The production followed the story of the film Madagascar, centred on four animals who escape from Central Park Zoo in New York, find themselves shipped to Madagascar, and then struggle to return home.

Fantastic performances were delivered by all members of the cast, with the central characters being portrayed brilliantly.

Alex the lion, who spent much of the performance struggling to understand why everyone was so afraid of him, was played terrifically by Ben Layer (Year 6, Burraton Primary School).

A spectacular performance was delivered by Brandon Escott as Marty the zebra.  His longing was to return to the wild, and he therefore made it his mission to escape from the zoo.  Fellow Year 9 student Sophie Williams carried off the character of the sassy Gloria the hippo in unique style. The quartet was rounded off by Spencer Dunne from Year 7, who played the nervous worrier Melman the giraffe.

The charismatic King Julien – a lemur who held great power on the island – was enacted with much hilarity by Mia Sandey, and the mischievous penguins whose path regularly crossed with our protagonists were delightfully played by Jasmine Leslie, Ellie Wanless, Charlotte Spanner and Lottie Ryder-Wearne. Many more students took the roles of named parts with smaller cameo performances.  The whole show came to life with a complete cast of 85 students!

The performance ended with the cast calling for audience participation, before launching into an encore of ‘I Like to Move It’, and were enthusiastically assisted by the production team – one thing was certain, great fun was had by all!

The final night of the production saw the cast give thanks to all involved, including parents, the Performing Arts department, student technicians, Encore Saltash who provided makeup expertise for the performances, Miss Duncan, teacher of art, who created the wonderful hats, Mrs Snowdon, Assistant Head of Year, who helped with the costumes, choreographer Katie Wheeler and Sixth Former Richard Tolman, who helped direct the production.

Mr Oakes, who led the production, praised the work of all involved, saying, ‘We have had great fun working on this production with such a large cast. To have 85 young people coming together to share in their enjoyment of the performing arts, is a special occasion. Our junior productions allow our young students to take lead roles and they certainly shone this time.’