KS3 exploring science at home!

Posted by on Mar 29, 2022 in News | No Comments

As part of a new homework initiative KS3 students are being given the opportunity once a month to take their science lessons home and explore different theories through fun and exciting practical activities. Students are given a list of equipment, a simple method and video to watch which helps them to independently carry out the experiment at home. Each practical activity can be carried out using simple things from around the house, meaning they are easy to conduct and cost very little, if anything to set up. These practical activities have proven to be extremely popular and are helping to engage both students and their families in the science curriculum.

We have had lots of positive feedback from students and found that many of them are extending these practical activities and trying out different hypotheses to get the same or a different result! We love the fact that students are experimenting at home; getting really involved in their education and exploring lots of different concepts and theories. Keep up the amazing work everyone and don’t forget to keep sending in your photos!

Have a look at the photos below of some of our students’ experiments.