Inter Tutor Sports

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2013 ended with a flurry as all of our Key Stage 3 classes took part in Inter Tutor competitions during their games lessons.  The boys did battle on the Rugby pitch while the girls tried to outscore each other in Football.

Participation was excellent with approximately 95% of students across the 3 year groups taking part in competitive sport.

In year 7, tutor group 7BA won the Rugby and 7CS won the football.  CS picked up most points across the year group.

8ES and 8MI were victorious for the boys and girls respectively.  8MI were top scorers for the year group.

Year 9 saw 9ET win the Rugby and 9RR win the football.  9ET picked up the most points across all 3 year groups.

While the teams can celebrate their individual victories, it is the overall points that go towards the countries’ scores for the international competition this year.  This will see round 2 take place at the end of this term with boys competing in football and the girls in netball.  The final round takes place at the school’s sports day in July.

Team GB are the current champions and they will be looking to regain their title.  They have made a good start, taking the lead after round 1!