Half-Term Review

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What a half term! Thank you all for your patience, understanding and support whilst we have been working under the new Covid regulations. Your support has been so appreciated.

We have welcomed our year sevens who have all settled in really well. It has been strange without out old year 11s, however I am really pleased to say they are doing very well at city college Plymouth. We have regular updates from the college and are building our links with them for future students that may choose to go there.

The outdoor area is under development with new areas emerging. The tyres, especially the tractor tyres have been a great success as have the wooden stepping blocks. Next we hope to get the area where an old metal container was once sited paved so that the students have an area to play outside without getting covered in mud. We are also trying to get funding for a canopy for when students need a bit of outdoor space in wet weather.

After the Christmas break we will be looking to develop the area behind the tyres to house some chickens. We shall be incubating and hatching the chicks in school before they take up their new residence. We shall also start planning and planting in the smaller tyres some vegetables in the spring term.

If any parent is happy to come in and help either lay slabs or build an area for the chickens (fence, coop, run) please get in touch. It would be great to have some parents in to work with their children in developing the outdoor area.

Will Pritchard (Cornwall Council) has done his yearly monitoring visit (via the internet). His focus was slightly different to usual due to the current situation. He was very impressed with the mitigations that we have put in place to keep everyone safe, as well as our planning should we have another lockdown. He will be sharing our good practice with other ARBs in Cornwall. He also praised us for the excellent attendance figures we have as an ARB.

Trematon ARB now has it’s own page on our schools Website. A blog is to follow, watch this space! Of course we also have introduced Class Dojo. The ARB team have found it very good in communicating with home. Your feedback would be appreciated.

In class students have been learning a wide variety of subjects from ‘the seasons’ to coastline weathering. They have been studying various literature such as private peaceful, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and advertising in the leisure industry. The main focus in Maths has been number and number functions. In food tech the students have been making muffins, light lunches and trying new fruit.

Trematon ARB is now registered to use the new version of B-squared. It is an assessment package that will track progress in all areas of learning. We have also purchased the package within this that looks at social skills, assessing and identifying areas for development.

It’s been a busy half term!

Have a lovely half term everyone. Enjoy, rest and recharge. See you on Monday 2nd November.

The ARB team