“Gory stories we do that, and your hosts-two guys in hats! The past is no longer a mystery. Welcome to HOR-RIB-LE HIS-TOR-IES!“

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Yes – saltash.net History students went all horrible this week.  45 lucky Year 7 students went to the Horrible Histories’ stage production “Barmy Britain” at the Plymouth Pavilions, accompanied by 4 rather excited members of staff.  One even confessed it was her favourite TV programme!

In true Horrible Histories’ style the students were taken on a roller-coaster ride through cut-throat Celts (did you know… the Chieftain Bran was buried under the Tower of London?  But it was only part of him.  Not All Bran!!!) and vicious Vikings.  They went to the mean and measly Middle Ages (including a fun plague sing-a-long complete with audience participation raspberry-blowing) and of course the terrible Tudors.  They met gorgeous Georgians – and some less-than gorgeous ones too (Did you know Tyburn, the place of execution, is now where Marble Arch is in London?  And how about a quick musical number from the notorious grave-robbers Burke and Hare set to the cheery music of the “Postman Pat” theme?)

A high point of the show included the dignified Queen Victoria breaking out into rap with actual break dancing!   However, the introduction of 3D glasses and stunning scenery in the second half were truly amazing.  The brilliant actors interacted with the 3D animations behind them in a fantastically creative and engaging way.  Troy, a saltash.net student in 7HJ, commented, “The 3D was really good – some girls sat behind me were screaming at the things flying out of the screen at them!”

Head of Year 7, Mr Rowe, who was lucky enough to be allowed by the History department to accompany them on the trip, commented: “Seeing the causes of the First World War enacted as a WWF-style grudge-match was genius!  That’s the best I’ve ever had the First World War explained to me.”

“Educational but good,” said Phoebe in 7HJ.  “Scary but exciting,” said Louise in 7CB, “Going to see Horrible Histories on stage has inspired me to find out more about getting involved in History.  ”I loved every millisecond of it!” exclaimed Ethan in 7LJ.  “Crazy,” commented Cassie in 7VR, while Lauren in 7VR added, “Crazy and imaginative….and cool!”

While the fun didn’t stop until the last moment, as the romp passed by the Frightful First World War a moment of a totally different mood was generated.  Fittingly for 2014 thought was given to the length and cost of the war.  In amongst laughter we can still learn the most poignant of lessons.

And needless to say, their two bandy-legged, multi-faced hosts finished the show completely sound in their judgement that Britain has indeed been hopelessly barmy!

But this has all left the History department wondering:  “Gory, ghastly, mean and cruel,
stuff they don’t teach you at school….”  Or maybe we do!